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We specialize in supply of new machinery and machinery spares specially engines, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, purifiers, controllers, valves. We guarntee you economic pricing and dedicated after sales service 



With our long established relations with top quality reputed manufacturers worldwide, we are in a position to supply you top quality after market spares comparable to OEM spares but at much reduced pricing. We can also help you resource spares where OEM factory lines have closed and parts are no more in production. We will forge/cast/machine based on dimensional drawings/samples provided. We guarantee high accuracy and similar strength of material as compared to OEM.


We specialize in supplying or re-built and re-conditioned spares. We resources our spares from the vessel demolition yards worldwide. Prior resourcing the spares are checked by our team of senior marine engineers, who examine the spares against the maker's recommendation for permissible wear and tolerance. The parts are then reconditioned by reputed Class approved workshops in compliance with the maker's recommendation. We maintain total transparency from resourcing to overhaul, and we guarantee the quality of our spares. Our pricing is usually less than one third of what you would pay for new. We will replace or refund the money if the spares are not found satisfactory and in line with our offer.  

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We bring in years of experience as chief engineers on board gas/chemical/petroleum/offshore/bulk/container ships and technical superintendent & Manager experience for all above kind of vessels which gives us a robust and competent understanding and knowledge of industry.

Sale & Purchase: With escalating costs of operations, safety requirements and dwindling charter hires, its is very important that right decisions are made when it comes to new acquisitions. We will not only provide a comprehensive report, but will also provide the overview of maintenance cost, asset suitability and  cost comparison within our preferred price package.

Condition Survey: Reliant and competent reporting, including predictions on the asset performance and suitability for the project it has been hired for.

Vetting and Audits: We can assist you with pre-vetting and audits especially when it comes to tankers and offshore vessels, as we have put in years as chief engineers on gas, chemical and petroleum tankers  as well as DP1 & 2 vessels and have technically managed them.

P&I AND h&m SURVEYs & Investigations


Our team holds years of experience in this field. In past we have acted as sub correspondent for various clubs and successfully carried out several assignments. Backed by our years of experience and vast technical & operational knowledge we now look forward to directly represent clubs as their direct correspondents and serve companies which require similar services.

We guarantee top competence and quality reporting at par with the very best in the industry, all at preferred rates.


This is the core area of our expertise. Having attended several docking world wide and projects covering major modifications to refurbishments, we are in a position to assist you with dry docking of your valuable assets. Our assistance in execution of your dry docking will help you achieve Class compliance,  significant direct cost savings and optimization of asset utilization.