Excellent Marine & Offshore Services




Excellent Marine & Offshore Services Inc. is established in the U.S. and Canada to provide innovative quality and cost effective shore and ship-based maritime and engineering solutions in a demanding performance market. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, we provide a range of shipping services to the maritime industry worldwide.

  • Ship Management Services for Ship Owners and Charterers
  • Ship Acquisition, Sale and Scrapping Surveys and Support
  •  Supply of Spare Parts - OEM, Aftermarket & Re-Built
  • Partnering with international ship owners seeking reliable North American expertise to operate their vessels competitively in the lucrative and rapidly expanding navigable waters of the Canadian Arctic, in compliance with Canadian Cabotage laws.
  • Shipboard and Office Audits, Technical Surveys and Condition Vetting for Clients (Owners and Charterers).
  • Assitance with DOC/SMC/OVID/OCIMF/CDI/RighShip/USCG.
  • Cargo Survey, P&I - Investigation, H&M - Investigation.
  • Representing high value international marine product manufacturers and suppliers in North America, including marketing, stocking and distribution services (marine paints, mooring ropes, safety gear, etc.)
  • Insurance Liability and Claims Surveys, Management and Support
  • Brokerage Services for Ship Chartering, Ship Sale and Purchasing, and Ship Scrapping at Demolition Yards in the Caribbean Sea and Asia
  • Supporting start-up companies in shipping with business set-up, documentation, certification, and growth in the North American market
  • Liaison Services with Regulatory Bodies, Government Officials, Suppliers, Service Providers and Stakeholders, in the United States and Canada
  • Research and Publication of Industry Awareness Articles for Think Tanks and Social Media Exploring and advising about new business ventures

Each service is evaluated and upgraded periodically to enhance client satisfaction, based on feedback and monitoring.