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About Us

EMOS was formed in 2012, by a team of 2 senior marine engineers, with a total of 60 years of in-depth maritime experience. We  are assisted and supported by a strong pool of our long term associates, who hold senior managerial positions around the globe.

On the basis of our extensive work experience and qualifications, we possess unique skills to provide expert services to the maritime industry. Our academic qualifications have been obtained during the course of career progression and are oriented towards developing business skills and practical commercial expertise in a dynamic business environment. We have also contributed articles to North American think tanks for promoting the maritime industry and these articles have been published to develop public awareness.

Utilizing our resources, we can speedily demonstrate competence for the services we provide to the maritime industry. We are passionately committed to our business venture and have the realism and flexibility to make the sometimes difficult decisions in successfully running a business.

Our vision is to provide a highly skilled and focused set of services to the maritime industry of North America, which will enhance the competitiveness and revenue earning potential of our clients. The dearth of such expertise in the existing maritime market is a prime motivator for starting our business.