Excellent Marine & Offshore Services



Trusted provider of marine services in Canada, lead by a team of senior marine engineers, with years of experience gained in senior management roles worldwide. Our key USP is smart innovative technical solution to all your maritime needs. We are equally geared to provide solutions to your operational needs which includes assistance with DOC/SMC/All kind of inspections including S&P, OVID, OCIMF, RightShip, P&I, H&M, USCG.

Escalating regulation leading to higher costs at a time when the shipping sector continues to be buffeted by market volatility demands that ship owners review their strategies and refocus on cost effective solutions and quality operations.

It is compliance with high regulatory standards in a dynamic industry while pursuing lucrative markets in a globalized economy that make local knowledge, reliability, market awareness and expertise in ship operations and management imperative.

Safeguarding the interests of ship owners and operators with our extensive experience, keen knowledge and specialized skills confers flexibility, distinctiveness and prestige to our clients, who seek customized solutions suitable to their business objectives. Every challenge is an opportunity for us to service our clients with such effectiveness and personal ownership that our value becomes obvious and indispensable.